Our Story

How Azusa Rose to Become a Prominent Web Designing Services Provider

Our story, here at Azusa begins in 2012 when Jeroen de Jong and Eric Visser joined forces to set up a web design firm. The partners are web graphic design alumni of the Amsterdam University. The duo comes from the Rotterdam region. The partners have been instrumental in growing the portfolio of the company over the past five years. Azusa offers a wide range of web designing and optimization solutions to small business websites, CMS websites, and corporate websites.

 Branding Services

Our company has diversified its portfolio over the years to now offer added services guaranteed to grow your brand name. We also design products, merchandise, and other custom design solutions that play a vital role in marketing and promoting your growing online venture. It’s no secret that people tend to trust and do more businesses with firms that are branded. Make use of our branded merchandise which comes in the form of T-shirts, mugs, pens and other common office stationery to create a profound first impression on your clients.

Azusa looks set to have an even brighter future thanks to the tested and proven web design strategies we have in place. The owners together with the six other staff are constantly researching and learning new approaches to improve their core skills. Our professionals are well aware of the remarkably dynamic nature of the web design and development industry. The frontend or backend computer languages that work today might not necessarily work in the coming days and weeks.

Customer Reviews

Our aim is to always offer our customers with above-board websites that are certain to wow their viewers and convince them to do business with you. The staff at Azusa are excellent communicators renowned for their honest dealings and as such our clients never have to worry about their visions getting lost in translation. At our company, there’s always a person manning the telephone lines in case one of our clients ever runs into issues with their website.

Our web design clients have left us ravenous reviews and testimonials. They are all unanimous in labeling Azusa as an astute web design and development company that is 100% committed to seeing their clients succeed.

Our VIP Clients

Today, we are proud to have served as the lead developers for half-a-dozen high-profile international clients. Feel free to check out websites such as, Casumo.com, MrGreen, Danone, and SixtHolland.com to get a taste and sample of what we deliver to our esteemed clients. The websites we’ve worked on have quickly risen up the Google and other search engine ranking for their efficiency and beauty.

Competitive Prices

Our reliable services are among the most cost competitive in the entire marketplace. We are actually one of the cheapest web design options, especially if you put into consideration all the amazing features and specs we leave your website with. What’s more, our staff is more than willing to assist you in maintaining and upgrading the website with the passage of time. Buoyed by the unprecedented success of the last five years, the founders are keen to expand and take on new clients with new challenges, moving forward.