About us

Our Portfolio

Since 2012, Azusa has grown and risen by incredible leaps and bounds. Our reliable and outstanding web designing services has seen us land long-term and high-profile clients. Azusa’s top global clients include Casumo.com, Danone, Sixt Holland and MrGreen.

Our Staff

Under Joroen and Eric, this company has brought on board fresh IT talent to help with the increasing workload demands. Today, we have six new employees working at our main offices in Amsterdam. Azusa’s refined digital solutions are tailor-made to suit the exact needs and want of the clients and their brands. The élite technologists serving at the firm are an incredibly experienced lot. They have all received proper education and training on how to use the most advanced and on-demand tools and technologies to develop your apps, website or eCommerce store.

Why Hire Us?

Dealing with our staff here makes for a truly refreshing experience unlike what’s often the case with most of the web design firms out there. Our friendly staff is going to take you by the hand and guide you each important step of the way until you launch and profit from your websites or apps. Our clients are drip-fed with a ton of interesting and proven ideas on how to make their project a sure success.

Once a clear roadmap is in place, we here at Azusa don’t waste any time in getting started with the web coding and SEO strategizing processes. Our IT wizards are renowned for their transparency and due diligence.

We are consummate professionals; we never engage in monkey-business that only seeks to pump false hope into our clients. We are always 100% honest with our clients on what is possible and what is beyond our scope of skills and understanding.

Over the years’ we’ve earned a stellar reputation for delivering world-class web design services at the most competitive rates and prices ever. Our professional awards and accolades tally also continues to grow.

Our job doesn’t end with the completion of your apps or websites. No, we still hang around to give you the much-needed after sales services. For instance, to help you debug and clear any other errors that are bound to arise in the course of time.

Client Focus

Azusa works with mid-market companies, small businesses and with large corporate enterprises, as well. Since 2012, we’ve engaged with clients hailing from a variety of unrelated industries. We’ve worked with advertising and marketing firms and we’ve also served entertainment and ecommerce industries.